• Small code snippets for jekyll

    Welcome to the second post of Jekyll code which I hope helps others.

    This post is a mash of small snippets which were really useful to me when developing this site on jekyll.

  • Creating Collections in Jekyll

    Welcome to the first in a series of posts focussing on Jekyll features.

    Here is Jekyll Collections.

    What are collections?

    To me collections house a piece of content which you’ll repeat in structure several times.

    Rather than repeating the html and css code in your web page, you can write it once and get jekyll to loop through it for each ‘item’ in the collection.

  • Welcome to the new site

    As the title says, welcome to the new site for my freelance work. There’ll be lots more content coming over the coming months, so I’ll just take the first post to explain what you’re likely to see going forward.

    I’ve gone from a flat site to a dynamic one with blog included. With it I hope to:

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