As the title says, welcome to the new site for my freelance work. There’ll be lots more content coming over the coming months, so I’ll just take the first post to explain what you’re likely to see going forward.

I’ve gone from a flat site to a dynamic one with blog included. With it I hope to:

  • Regularly add more web and print designs made by me
  • Use the blog to talk through some of the coding issues (whether web or otherwise)
  • Raise questions and issues I’ve come up against since learning web development

I’ve built the site on Jekyll, the first time I’ve used this platform. It’s been a really interesting experience, one where I’ve had to draw on many posts, pages and video’s on the web.

My first few posts will be discussing where things didn’t go smoothly while creating this.

I’ll then take a step back and post some other thought’s regarding the web and maybe some of the past projects.

There’s no comments on the site, so if you ever want to get in touch my site has all the contact details you need.

Thanks for stopping by.