graphic for discussing ideas

Discussing Ideas

We’ll meet face to face where possible and agree what you'd like your site to include. I've not included costs on this site as I think this discussion helps identify your goals and we could deliver at different budgets. We’ll set out what we want to deliver.

graphic for setting key decisions

Key Decisions

Through setting goals and how you’ll measure success, we'll be able to pinpoint your requirements. Whether its an increase in sales or web traffic or just promote your brand. This is where we'll talk contracts and timescales.

grpahic for discussing prototypes


Prototypes are important to make sure we're on the right track. Things like layout, function and options get decided on and agreed. I'll make sure we talk about things like responsive web design so the site works on mobiles, tablets and computers.

graphic for discussing design

Creating Design

Then comes adding design. If you have logos, graphics and colour schemes we'll use them in the design to ensure you're brand is consistent. If not I can offer these as an extra service. See my print section for examples.

grpahic for discussing site launch

The big launch

Throughout and after the construction I’ll focus on performance and reliability. This means when you launch your site it'll perform as you expect it to. When it comes to launching the site, I'll work with you to recommend hosting and will make sure the site goes live as smoothly as possible.